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 Please Read - Calorie Intake & Overfeeding

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PostSubject: Please Read - Calorie Intake & Overfeeding   Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:11 pm

There are several reasons people search and need help with food issues. It could be anything from obesity, being too thin and needing weight gain and also the dreaded diarrhea problems that are just unexplainable.

Common issues lies with over feeding. Most people take it for granted that all foods are equal. No, not even close. All foods have different nutrients, different amount of calories per cup (see list below). And most people always go by the information on the bag. This is a generalized idea for higher exercised dog to cover the legal aspects of the requirements the dog food companies are required to provide. Its up to us the owner to determine what is best for our fur babies with each dogs activity level, breed, medical condition etc.

Did you know that most of the time our babies are being over fed and we do not even know it. Did you also know that by calculating your fur babies’ calorie intake just as we do ourselves when we go to the dietician for weight loss or gain or with certain diet restrictions such as diabetes, blood pressure etc could save you money! If you over feed your dog could save you hundreds per year and most of us with multiple dogs could mean extra toys or clothes for our fur kids! And also things for us as well not just the fur babies.

This can also keep you from spending numerous hours trying to figure out why your little one is having diarrhea issues. One common reason people don’t realize is that over feeding can cause diarrhea. More food goes in and the body cannot process it quickly enough thus the reason for slimy or mushy poo! They automatically assume it’s that particular food and then they switch and then the same thing might possibly happen with the new food too.
(A great link to explain Diarrhea issues, )

So when you’re dealing with food issues and mushy poo's, cut back on the amount first before jumping to conclusions. Also make sure you stick with one food during this time to eliminate tummy issues and to pin point the problem, wherever it may lie.

I have put together a template for those of us that need to help our fur babies with their meals. If you provide treats during the day, remove some of the food from their normal daily meal to prevent over feeding as well. It also helps with training to use their meal for the day, so you’re not over stuffing them with unnecessary treats.

At any point you need to adjust you can always go by the list and determine where you need to go. Also you need to discuss any health concerns with your vet.

Some dog food companies have started using a marketing ploy of a “low calorie” or “weight management” food to their lineup. These foods are just unnecessary when you can just adjust your current food.

If your dog is on the thin side. Lets say 5lbs and your vet says well she needs to gain a few lbs. Then on the list you can look up 7lbs and adjust her daily meals.


If your vet says “Poochie, is over weight we need to start her on a weight control food” and she weighs 18lbs and he thinks she should be around 15lbs then you can refer to the list and adjust accordingly.

This list can also be used to MAINTAIN a current weight if they perfect.

If your dog food doesnt list the calorie requirement on the bag, then email the company. Ill include several listings as these are the ones that I have been researching lately.

I hope you can see this list as being a handy guide for you when you have troubles.

*** Younger puppies may require more food than an adult dog would so please keep that into consideration***

Calories per 8oz cup
Blue Buffalo Small Breed (Pink Bag)- 492
Blue Buffalo Weight Control(Yellow Bag)- 444
Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice (Light Blue Bag)- 456
Blue Buffalo Puppy Lamb & Brown Rice (Light Green Bag)- 554 (WOW )
Natural Balance Sweet Potatoe & Venison - 409
Natural Balance Sweet Potatoe & Fish - 417
Natural Balance Potatoe & Duck - 427
Royal Canin Shih Tzu Formula - 346
NOW - 400
Wellness Core - 430
Wellness Core Ocean - 350
Evo Red Meat - 487
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon - 465
B4 Grain Buffalo - 383
B4 Grain Salmon - 383
B4 Grain Chicken - 385
Canidae Salmon - 498
Canidae ALS - 498
Orijen - 450
Horizon Legacy - 460 per cup
Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken - 490
Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit - 482
Nature's Variety Instinct Duck - 464
Taste Of The Wild HIGH PRAIRIE (Roasted Bison/Roasted Venison) - 370
Innova dry puppy: 454
Innova adult dry food-small bites: 504
Innova small Health Bar (treats): 35 kcal/bar

PS. If you guys want to list your current bag of dog food for me to keep this list up to date for reference please post here and ill update it for our future shih tzu lovers in help in possible determining if they want to switch foods due to calories.

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Please Read - Calorie Intake & Overfeeding
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